Core Facility Proteomics & Mass Spectrometry


Explanations of Fees

  1. We apply three customer categories as outlined in our rules of operation (RulesOfOperation_PMSCF.pdf (PDF, 13.3 MB). The basic price for Swiss Academic Institutions comprises the average costs for project-based labor, sample preparation and LC consumables.
  2. Academic groups from abroad are charged two, profit oriented entities about three times the Swiss academic price, respectively, in order to cover for amortization of instruments and infrastructure. Furthermore, profit oriented entities will be billed an overhead of 20% in favor of the University of Bern in addition to the Swiss value added tax.
  3. In addition to sample processing and analysis, the fees include a basic consultation for project planning and a standard data processing with statistical results evaluation where applicable. Any additional bioinformatic service is subject to an hourly fee of CHF 93.- for Swiss academic and public Bernes institutions, and CHF 138.- for everybody else.
  4. We also charge the cost for consumables and reagents which are used for a project-specific purposes and not covered by the generic fees listed below.
  5. Fees are subject to change without prior notice.


New fees effective as of July 1, 2023, and are in Swiss Francs.

Item Swiss academic & public Bernes Inst. Academic abroad Profit oriented

Protein identification, short gradient, per sample

119 238 360

Protein identification with PTM analysis, per sample

379 758 1140

Comparative proteomics, shotgun, per sample

159 318 480

Comparative proteomics, per gel band or peptide fraction after fractionation

64 128 190

MW determination, 1 sample (infusion or LC-MS)

186 372 560

Phosphoproteomics with phosphopeptide enrichment, per sample

869 1738 2600

Sample pre-fractionation per SDS-PAGE, HPLC run, Off-Gel Electrophoresis run...

250 500 750

Protein concentration from dilute samples, e.g. conditioned medium, per sample

70 140 210

De-novo sequencing of peptides

379 758 1140

Surcharge for LC-MS/MS gradients >60min on long column (per sample cohort)

180 360 540
Additional bioinformatic consultation and work (per hour) 93 138 138      

Targeted quantification of proteins/peptides

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