Core Facility Proteomics & Mass Spectrometry


We have moved our facility from the childrens hospital to a new University building located a couple hundred meters north on Murtenstrasse 24-28. Please enter at Murtenstrasse 28. You find our facility on the 4th floor.

Since the start of 2021, we operate a fourth nano-LC tandem mass spectrometry instrument. The instrument (Bruker’s timsTOF Pro) has a trapped ion-mobility cell coupled to Q-TOF technology with an unprecedented 100 Hz acquisition rate using parallel accumulation – serial fragmentation technology (PASEF). In addition, we have developed new nano-flow chromatography columns in-house packed with Waters CSH C18, 1.7 μm, material, allowing very efficient peptide fractionation on short columns with a fast gradient. The combination of the new columns with the timsTOF is a win-win situation for faster throughput without losing proteome coverage.

The new instrumental offering comes without an increase in fees. However, we will charge in the future for additional bioinformatics support service, which exceeds our normally provided standard efforts.